We plan, design and implement customised solutions based on a proven delivery methodology


Transactional Projects – Statement of Work Based We assist you in planning a network implementation that is world class. Our local and international teams work with you to provide the expertise for each aspect and phase of the implementation process, including:

Network Strategy and Analysis: We outline the detailed process for your specific migration, and help to ensure the future-state architecture can support the planned changes.

Migration Assessment: We assess your current environment against your desired future state. You get a report that includes documented gaps, hardware recommendations, and a color-coded topology map.

Solution Requirements Development: We conduct interviews with your key stakeholders, and use questionnaires and whiteboard sessions to discover and gather your specific requirements.

Solution Design: Our experts consolidate and optimize the design for your new solution, creating a High-Level Design (HLD) that meets your future-state business requirements. We also create the Low-Level Design (LLD) documentation required to configure each component of your migration solution. Our network architects tailor the design to your documented requirements, and help you develop a plan to determine if your network solution is ready for use.

Site Readiness: We work to determine whether your site is ready and prepared to receive the planned system(s). Our experts gather and assess relevant information against your planned installation process to identify gaps and provide recommendations.

Migration Plan Development: Based on the HLD, we create a phased schedule of migration events and activities to introduce new hardware and protocols into the network. Our migration experts also identify network dependencies and impact, and provide risk mitigation steps for migration.

Test Plan Development and Testing: Using agreed-upon testing criteria, we test the upgraded system’s functionality. And we collaborate with you to resolve any issues.

Migration Execution: We perform the activities and tasks associated with the execution of the Migration Implementation Plan.

Migration Support: We provide consultative support services that can include pre-stage configuration changes and cutover support.

Knowledge Transfer: Our experts deliver knowledge transfer to empower your staff with the information they need about your migration and upgraded solution. This includes providing relevant training, collateral, and handoff procedures, as needed.

Post-Migration Support: Once installation is complete, Makwa IT provides a subject matter expert to deliver post-migration support.

Project Management: Create and approve Project Management Plan, document dependencies and risks associated with project completion, create and approve Project Schedule, participate in meetings, create weekly progress reports, create project close-out report

Managed Services: We offers a holistic view of your entire IT strategy, meaning our Managed Service offering is more than just re-active maintenance, but rather a proactive approach to the implementation and management of your infrastructure.